Super Trend Alert


The Supertrend Alert Indicator is an indicator that reports the direction of the trend, drawing red and green lines to highlight the trend. The green line suggests an uptrend while the red line illustrates a downtrend, both lines (red and green) use ATR (Average True Range) calculations. Whenever there is a trend change, the indicator changes color. Therefore, it also represents key market reversals.

Traders can use the Indicator on any time frame depending on their strategy and trading style, but it is better if it is used on higher time frames to avoid any market noise. Supertrend alert indicator can also be set to show BUY and SELL signals on trend changes and set alert notification with sounds for TOS.

Whenever the indicator traces green lines, traders can go long or exit short. Conversely, traders can go short or exit long positions when the indicator draws red lines. As with many indicators, traders must wait for price action to move in either direction and then enter the trade.

The indicator can be used on lower time frames such as 1 min, 5 min and 15 min to determine entry and exit points. When the indicator draws a red line, traders can go short; when it draws the green line, traders can go long. It is also important to combine other indicators together with the Supertrend alert indicator for greater confirmation and effectiveness, since there is no 100% accurate technical indicator.